PHEDARUS Girls Sports Sandals(Pack of1) On sale!

PHEDARUS Girls Sports Sandals(Pack of1)


PHEDARUS Girls Sports Sandals(Pack of1)


Trendy and Comfortable, these pretty Bow Sandals in Pink are a great addition to your child’s wardrobe. They feature a Printed Floral Upper and Base made of Leatherette, a TPR Sole (Thermoplastic Rubber) and a back elastic for an easy on and off, (Do Refer to the Sizing Chart before Ordering : UK/Ind 4 is EU 20 and Outsole of 13.5-14 cms; UK/Ind 4.5 is EU 21 and Outsole of 14-14.5 cms; UK/Ind 5 is EU 22 and Outsole of 14.5-15 cms; UK/Ind 6 is EU 23 and Outsole of 15-15.5 cms; UK/Ind 7 is EU 24 and Outsole of 15.5-16 cms; UK/Ind 7.5 is EU 25 and Outsole of 16-16.5 cms; UK/Ind 8.5 is EU 26 and Outsole of 17-17.5 cms; UK/Ind 9 is EU 27 and Outsole of 17.5-18 cms; UK/Ind 10 is EU 28 and Outsole of 18-18.5 cms; UK/Ind 11 is EU 29 and Outsole of 18.5-19 cms; UK/Ind 11.5 is EU 30 and Outsole of 19.5-20 cms; UK/Ind 12 is EU 31 and Outsole of 20-20.5 cms; Advisable to buy 0.5 cms more than your child��s bare foot size.)

Key Specs: Ideal For: Girls

Detailed Specs: Ideal For: Girls

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